Ultimate Farm Chicken
UFC Barnyard Breeds: UFC Barnyard Breeds are the breeds we breed
ourselves. We sell them at all ages when available along with their eggs for hatching
and/or for consumption.  
Check out our game breeds as well on the UFC Game Fowl Page.
Easter Egger
Dominique or Dominicker:
Red Jungle Fowl:
Freedom Ranger:
Jumbo Cornish Broiliers:
UFC'S Partner's Breeds: These breeds are bred and raised by our
partners. Therefore, they are shipped directly from the breeder to you. We only
work with breeders that submit to random testing and evaluations by their state or
local farm extensions. Chicks are sold at the same prices that the breeders sale them
for. So there is no worry about mark ups.
Buff Orpingtons:
White Leghorns:
Black Australorps:
Barred Rocks:
Rhodes Island Reds:
UFC BC Ranger:
UFC Rainbow Ranger:
UFC Wild Ranger: